Option to Change F2 Recording Pause for One Click, Not 3 Seconds

When recording actions, the F2 button is used to pause recording for a three second time period. I have recently run into several circumstances were quick successive clicks are necessary otherwise boxes disappear. It’s very hard to try to time things right such that the right popup window is present after three seconds. Instead, I would suggest that the F2 recording pause functionality be able to conversely be set to pausing for a single mouse click instead.

Great Idea, Sounds Good

I do agree it would be a nice feature.

Maybe it would be best to let F2 continue working as it is now, and add another one (F[something]) to do what you’re suggesting.

@loginerror @Pablito, Any word on this? Has this been added to the internal tracker?

Hi @dmccammond,
Sorry for no feedback. Of course it has been added :slight_smile:. Unfortunately there are so many great ideas that I can’t precise when and what will be added/provided.

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so i was playing a game where clicking f2 does something in the game and now its a recording button can you tell me what app i have that does this bc i dont like it