Text Exists when value is empty


I have empty value and I want to return it as True using activity Text Exists.
Is it possible or not?

My notepad doesn’t have any value it is empty. But Text Exists returns it as False when I use string.Empty.


Please check below thread:


I already checked it but i coudn’t get correct answer for my issue.


In the input field, we have to pass to searching String. Then this activity will search the required String in given UI Element. If it is found then it will return true else it will return false.

Could you please tell where you are searching for Required string ? Is it in Notepad or UIpath forum screen ?

Actually, my requirment is using Activity Retry Scope when condition is True by String.Empty of in Text Exists of certain UI Element.

Could you please help me once again?

Hello @jgh1buy
You can reverse the condition using in text exist activity like
Not string.empty

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Hi Sandeep13,

How can I use ‘Not String.empty’ in Text Exists?

sorry Not is used in output of Text Exist activity

so you can use empty variable in any condition stattement
hope it help

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Thanks. But as I check it can’t be used in condition of Retry Scope. Text Exists in Retry Scope is not able to return True when the target field is Empty.