Optimize dispatcher

Couple of robots (dispatcher) are set up as time based trigger (every 5 minutes) to read emails, extract email body and add transactions to queue.

We dont receive emails majority of time in Inbox but bots are scheduled in every 5 minutes to avoid missing any urgent email.

What are other options to optimize and utilize bots efficiently for email processing?

Power Automate solution seems one of the option to add transaction to queue. Do we have other options for this problem statement?

UiPath has a trigger based Studio Web automation tool, which will allow you to start the processing of the email as soon as you receive the email. This will prevent 5 min triggers for the BOT
I think this solution might be helpful in your case. Please refer to the below URL for a detailed explanation.


@Nishant_Banka1 : thanks for your inputs.

After preview period is over, if we converted existing dispatcher build to automatic trigger created by Studio web.

1.How background process will work to read emails and extract few fields. (For e.g. received email time etc.) —> using integration services to authenticate and read emails.

Is it fair to say that background process will not run in AWS Production VDI or any cloud virtualised environment or it will still the same?
3. What type of robots are required to run published process by Studio web. Is it cloud robots?

Hi @Sonalk,
This feature is present on community versions, and I haven’t checked it out as well. So, you would have to engage that discussion to get your answers.

From what I could gather from the discussion, they are bringing a concept of Robot Units which will not be using your license the entire time, but will get activated upon processing a received email.

Let me know if you have posted your queries on that discussion, and I will follow along to understand better.


UiPath has exchange connectors now for this kind of thing.
Alternatively use something like Azure Logic Apps / Azure Function to perform the checking.
MsGraph has a subscription for new emails which you could setup to call the uipath api.

Don’t add another RPA solution…