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Hi Team, whenever I run any workflow in UiPath , I monitored the CPU,RAM consumption from windows task manager, I observed that CPU consumption is fixed to max 50% for UiPath executable, it never goes beyond that. Are there any settings using which I can increase this limit?
I need to decrease execution time for my workflow, I have already done nearly all optimisations by doing table joining and merging operations, but still, it’s taking significant time.
And on which parameters do the overall performance of the system depends, CPU or RAM? Since I am using a cloud windows device(using Windows 10) I have the option to change the max CPU Ghz and the RAM amount but I want to know increasing which one or any other parameter in the device will give a better performance.
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Hi @kl_kl

CPU utilization is based on the frequency of the cores performing a task. Modern processors like Intel 8th to 11th Generation have the ability to turn up their frequency if neighboring cores are idle or doing very little work. The idea is to keep the temperature of the collective processors below a threshold. This means that the frequency of the various cores can vary while an application is running, which also affects CPU utilization and, how the work capability of the processor is computed.

CPU Utilization and CPU load this decided based on the no of cores available on the processor.

Hope this will help you at least a small extend. Thank you.

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Thanks @Jobin_Joy for the reply,
Yes I understood that the processor level internal system has mechanisms/coding to limit the utilisation inorder to decrease/keep limit of temperature and overloadings
so I am using virtual system and in windows task manager it shows CPU is something “Intel Xeon” and its max Ghz is 2GHz and 4core, RAM is 16GB
Can you please suggest me if I increase CPU to 3Ghz and 8 core keeping the RAM constant will my workflow run faster ,
or keeping CPU same and RAM increased to 32GB will be better
Will any changes to these two things give me an increase of speed? or any other ways you may suggest to increase speed of execution
Eagerly waiting for your reply thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @kl_kl ,

Sharing my thoughts over the issue you mentioned in the above post.

If you want better productivity for your bot you have to remove some other applications which are running background in your vm which occupy unnecessary RAM memory. Please un install those applications.

In my point of view increasing RAM will help you because RAM play vital role in the performance of the Machine.

And also can we use multi bot for your processes so that we can increase the productivity of your bot. In my organisation we have also done the optimisations for the processes which we get lot of transaction per day and we have followed multibot approach for those process to share the workload and increase the productivity. Thanks.


Hi Kiran,
Thanks for the reply, I don’t have any software which can be uninstalled from the VM, it only has normal software required for daily operations, I will try to check if any unnecessary applications are running during my runtime and kill that from workflow itself which would be helpful.
I am already using ReFramework queue-based approach to run the complete process over 7 bots in parallel right now, but I need more speed. Getting new bots will be much more costly, than increasing the specifications of the present devices so I had this doubt

Your most welcome. Good to know that you already using multiple bots for your process. And also please remove the temp files periodically in your machine. Some times lot of temp files in your machine also degrade your system performance.

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