CPU shows 100% utilisation while running UiPath Studio

Issue 1: We are using AWS EC2 instance for development and the CPU shows 100% utilisation while launching UiPath Studio.

Issue 2: Also, multiple sessions of UiPath.Studio.Launcher is running for one user, even though he has opened only one UiPath Studio.

Screenshot for Issue 1:

Could you please help me with this Issue? The machine becomes very slow when I am using UiPath Studio.


Screenshot for Issue 2:


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Can you share the VM configuration? like RAM,OS etc.,


Hi @Srini84 , Please find below the VM Configuration details,


Thanks for helping!


Yes, It will open 4 different tabs, may be it’s the dependency to run the process

But as you can see the utilization is very less
I suggest to restart your VM machine and check

Hope this may help you


Hi @Srini84, I have tried restarting the machine multiple times but no luck :frowning: Just wanted to mention something here. We are using a VM which is shared between 3-4 users. The CPU utilization is 100% when all of them uses installs\uses uipath on their machine (Uipath is installed against each user session). The memory utilization spikes to 69% for this scenario. When only one 1 person uses, the CPU utilization is almost around 50-60%. I wasn’t able to figure out what is the problem here. Is it an expected one? Any advise on this would be of great help!