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Downloaded Uipath yesterday, so this is definitely a rookie question. I played around abit with desktop recording yesterday, and things looks very promising. But I got stuck on something that should be very, very easy. Simply opening two urls, prefferably as tabs, (and not doing anything more with those pages).

I tried OpenBrowser, and it opens the first url, then throws an error: Cannot communicate with the browser, chech the Uipath extension.

How can i tell the workflow to simply open the two urls, prefferably in the same window in two tabs, and then continue to the next instruction?

Hi Morten - You can perform this by using Element Exists,Send HotKey and TypeInto Activities.

  1. Open browser loads the first page.
  2. Using Find Element check if the browser is opened or not.
  3. If yes, use Send HotKey Activity to send ctrl+t, to open a new tab and then use type into activity in the URL.

Hi Morten!

Are you using Google Chrome or Firefox? If so you have to install the extension to the UiPath interact with the elements in the browser.
After that you can open the two tabs


  1. Open browser application with one URL first.
  2. Send Hot keys - Ctrl + T to open a new tab
  3. Type into activity, enter second URL and Enter Key


Check this link - Open two websites in different tabs in same browser window

Karthik Byggari

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  • First you need to install chrome extension.Goto Start ->Tools -> Chrome extension

  • For new Tab please check the below post.