Openclipboard Failed Exception

Hi, I am getting this Openclipboard Failed Exception whenever i try to copy something in UiPath, be it an activity, a variable value or anything else. I tried re-starting UiPath as well as the computer but nothing works. Copying to clipboard is working fine for all other applications. Please suggest.
Screenshot attached.

Does this happen all the time or only sometimes?
It seems a security related issue. Somehow UiPath does not have access to clipboard.



Hi Adrian, this is happening every time. One thing I have noticed is that Cut-Paste is working fine. For example, if I want to clone an activity from position A to B, I do Ctrl+X at A and then Ctrl+V twice, once at B and then again at A.

Edit: I think it has something to do with .NET framework. I am having version 4.6.2. Can others please confirm their version?

Edit_2: Tried using 4.6.1. It worked once. Now again facing the same problem. Some urgent help will be highly appreciated.

hi tarunch23

some questions first, to properly understand your test environment, as this is an issue that only you are facing

  • are you signed in as administrator on the machine? have you tried starting Studio with right click + “Run as Administrator” ?
  • do you have more than one Studio opened at the same time? Do you use Pro version or Community Edition?
  • what OS version are you using, is it up to date with all the updates? Is it a virtual machine?
  • is your Studio version up to date?

thank you very much

Hi Gabriel,

The issue has been resolved. I was working on a PC with UiPath installed, using VNC viewer. So, my PC and the UiPath PC were sharing the same clipboard which was apparently locked by some application on my PC. I disabled clipboard sharing on VNC Viewer and it is working fine now.