Issue saving image from clipboard to file in UiPath Studio

Hi folks,

I’m only really new to UiPath. I want to be “export” from an application to the clipboard and then save that file as an image file. I’ve managed to get the Desktop recording to work to drive the external application and get the image onto the clipboard. But UiPath hangs on the Save Image and the output window error is, “Save Image: Save image failed. Check if the file name is a valid path”. I’ve tried root of C:, Pictures folder, etc… Am I missing something basic here and can anyone please share an example that works? Thanks.

Can you post the entire path you are trying to save the file? Make sure you are giving the extension of the image as well to save


Looks the path is correct but I hope the value or the image you are passing to the activity is missing, make you sure you are passing the image to the save image activity. Just for the confirmation, open paint and paste whatever in your clipboard and check if you are getting the image @chrispy3210

I’ve done that thanks. I thought about using MSPaint as a workaround - i.e. get UiPath to automate: open Paint> paste > Save As. But that seems like a bollocks and UiPath should be able to save the file directly. Like I said I’m only a day or two in using this. Just FYI, I’m only working on Workflow Files with sequences within those and not a Workflow Project File. Does this make a difference? Thanks.

PS: I’m using UiPath Studio. Could it be a permissions for UiPath on the folder issue?


You have any issues with this approach? You need to pass the image type attribute to save image activity to save it as a image. But I don’t think clipboard will pass image type parameter to save. Instead you can take screenshot and save it as image

A Screen shot is a pain in the arse. The drawing is like an AutoCAD drawing - it may be zoomed out and has gridlines, etc… showing if a screenshot was used. The export function within the application I’m getting the image to clipboard makes it perfect for use in a word doc. I’d prefer to have all the scenarios’ image files in one place and then run some automation/code to paste them into the correct parts of a report in a word doc. There MUST be an easy way to save an image file from the clipboard to an image file FFS (note: frustration not directed at you HareeshMR :smile:)

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