Open different websites into different tab but on one browser

Hi Team,

I’m trying to automate to open different websites into different tabs but in one web browser only. I’ve used Open Browser Activity and inside of it, I used the send HotKeys Ctrl+T and then Navigate To activity to open the websites. However, it only updates the first tab and leaving the other new tab created empty.

How am I suppose to direct or declare the tabs to be used in order to open each website to its correct tab?

Thanks in advance!

I had a similar issue with navigate to not working on an opened tab.

If you put the navigate to in an attach browser for the new tab it should work correctly and not redirect the original tab

Hi AndyD,

I’ve tried that, I have Open Browser Activity and inside of it is the Attach Browser then inside attach browser I have the Send HotKeys Ctrl+T and the Navigate to. However, the result is the same. Though it opens up a new tab in the same browser, the value of the navigate To which is a different website is only updating the first tab and not the newly opened tab.

If you have a sample, can you please show me?

Hi @wish

This will open a new tab in current browser:

There should be a similar way to do it in Chrome or IE, you will just need to search the documentation of the desired browser :slight_smile: