How do I download an Activities Package from

I am looking to download various activities packages like database, FTP, Office 365 and others. How can I do that from the UiPath Git (UiPath · GitHub) ?

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Do you need source code? If so, we can get it from the following page.
(There are Database and FTP etc. Howevere O365 is not OSS.)

Or if you need to get nupkg, use official feed of Package Manager.


Thanks very much @Yoichi. Due to security, access to the official feed is not available in a particular place so use of the GIT resources is the approved alternative. How do I use the UIPATH GIT site to pull down (create) the NUPKG? That is the ultimate end I am trying to get to. For example, here is the readme associated with the FTP. Community.Activities/ at masters/FTP · UiPath/Community.Activities · GitHub What steps are followed to create a NUPKG from this site so that the activities package can be downloaded / used?


Hope this would help you

Here is the document on how to add custom feeds to studio

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The easiest way is to download source code as zip, as the following image.

Extract the zip file, then open solution file with Visual Studio.

Finally, we can build it on Visual Studio. (it might be needed some tuning to build for your environment.)