Open & read a NON-text file as Text file


I have a file that is not .txt, but I know it can be read using notepad as I can manually open it using notepad. I want to read some data in the file. I tried the “Read text file” activity, but it doesn’t work.

How do I solve this issue?

Thank you in advance!

@Anonymous2 Are you not getting any output or facing any exception?

I tried to read different formats. It seems to be working fine. May I know the extension of that file?

You can use start process, with executable path set to “notepad.exe” and app arguments set to the path of your file. And then read it, either with screen scraping, or hotkeys, and then close it.

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If you use the Read Text File activity, it won’t care if it is a .txt file. It will attempt to read the file as text regardless. If it is something that can be properly read through Notepad++, you won’t have a problem using this activity.