What are the steps to read a data in notepad?

I am stuck in something. so I want the proper descriptive steps

Hi @Swagasmini_Jena,
if you are looking for ways how to get data from notepad (txt file) you can use Read Text File activity:



Hi @Swagasmini_Jena,

For reading notepad there is a READ TEXT FILE activity is there, by using it you can read your notepad and pass your .txt path

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i have data in notepad/excel as below


need to read from notepad/excel and type the whole text in typeinto webpage as same with separate line , i was trying this for past 3 days , can any one suggest me

Use the Read CSV activity
It doesn’t matter if it is a txt file… eventually a csv file is also mime type text.

What it does is read your file, and create a datatable with the contents for each row.
If you have headers or multiple colums in your sourcefile, be sure to use the right options and separators for it.

You can access the datatable data as usual, for example looping through it with the for each row in data table activity.