Open Document Error, the given key "Uipath.Studio.Contracts.lProjectTemplate" was not present in the dictionary

Hi there,
After updating the studio 2022.4 i has these error when i tried to modify a project.

@Humberto_Polo Are you trying to open the existing project or trying to create a new project

I´m trying to open an existing project.

Hello @Humberto_Polo ,

Could you please take a backup of the project to some other folder. Delete the Project.json file and reopen the project. It should solve the issue.

NO, isn’t working. I’d backup the project, copy to another folder, delete the project.json file, open the project, but the message persist.

Is it built using any custom framework??

yes, we using an modified reframework.

Can you go to Details and logs and share it here.