Open Chrome Browser as Different User

Hi Experts,

I need to open the chrome browser as different user, can any one help/guide on how to achieve this ?

Manually if we click on Chrome icon and shift + right click, it gives option to run as different user need to achieve same through Ui Path BOT


Any help is appriciated


@AjitDeshpande - you can try to open chrome with below command + different user name
… like below

C:\Users\userXYZ>runas /user:userABC C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\Chrome.exe"

Hi @GBK ,

Thanks for the reply

Tried with this command it is asking password in CMD window, and even if provided with correct password nothing happnes


@AjitDeshpande -oh ok… i used this command to open different app…(not chrome) …

maybe can check any option available in powershell script … scripts are better than struggling to automate with click…