Open Browser: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

I’m trying to open a browser with a the URL stored on the config file, but I get this error: Open Browser: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Can somebody help?!

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Make sure you’re passing your Config dictionary as an In argument to the workflow where you’re performing these activities.

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Hi Antony,

I have the Config dictionaty passing in an argument…

Now that you have the argument defined in the workflow, when you invoke the workflow, the Config file must be passed as an argument. This must also be done after the Config file has been created in the REFramework.

Can you send me a print of an example…?



@anacarolinasoeiro, Error suggests that in_Config(“AccessSAP”) is NULL. There are two possible scenario.

  1. You are not passing Config while invoking workflow (As suggested by @Anthony_Humphries)
  2. “AccessSAP” key is not define in your config file.


@Anthony_Humphries @Bhavik_Solanki

I do not understand what I’m doing wrong.

I’ve invoked the arguments as @Anthony_Humphries explained but still …

@anacarolinasoeiro, As per above screenshot you are not passing values while invoking wokflow. (See Locals panel => Arguments => in_Config is null).

Sorry, still a total noob in this…

What should I pass so it gets the file’s values?

@anacarolinasoeiro, Please refer below screenshot:

Still does not work

Please provide a screenshot of your import arguments as Bhavik_Solanki has provided. This will give us better insight into why the error is occurring.

Can you please share a screenshot? (same as mine from the Process Transaction workflow.)

@anacarolinasoeiro, hhhmmm, Looks good. It looks like your Config variable is null. Can you please ensure there is value in “Config” variable? Just use Write Line activity before invoking workflow having value: Config(“AccessSAP”).ToString

Not there. I asking to print value before invoking Process workflow. E.g.

Sorry, i was distracted

@anacarolinasoeiro, It means Config variable is null. Please check and confirm you are populating Config variable properly in Initialization state.