Open Browser error

I know that this was discussed in the past, but still no solution/update. Still having the same error for some workflows that worked before.

Any update on the error “Cannot communicate with Internet Explorer browser” triggered by Open Browser activity? With Chrome it works, but not with IE. Or I’m the only one getting this? :confused:

I’m using:
IE11: v 11.407.17134.0,update versions: 11.0.95 (KB4466536)
Win 10 Enterprise, v 10.0.17134 build 17134
UiPath Studio Community 2018.4.1, Win 10 64bit, .NET framework 4.7.2


Have you try adding the webpage to trust list in Internet Setting?

Is not working also with internal webpages like intranet to open it.
As the security policy is applied to the entire company, is not feasible to request to add websites everytime you build an automation, the request could be rejected/delayed/etc…
I’ve browsed this forum as this case is not new, but some of those threads are closed or no answer/solution was provided, hence the reason of this thread…

So, another solution? if there is…or if not, at least we need to know and try to find another way.


Open internet explorer
Click on settings
Open internet options
Go to advance tab
And reset browser

Then restart browser.


Already tried it, didn’t work.