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Hi Everyone

I have written code in which Automation will open one excel file and run 4 macro after that it will open one application.

what is happening in my case is it is throwing error but in background it is executing the next steps.

can anyone tell how to handle it

Hi @Rakesh_Tiwari

It may mean that the selector is dynamic or the element cannot be found/not present. Try to make the selector dynamic.
Can you show us the element that is stated in the error? :slight_smile:

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Main.xaml (59.3 KB)

pls find my code above

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<wnd app='trebuchet.admin.exe' cls='#32770' title='Cherwell Service Management' /><wnd aaname='Cherwell Service Management' cls='DirectUIHWND' /><wnd aaname='Close' cls='Button' title='&amp;Close' />

Where is this element in the screenshot that you shared? :slight_smile:

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where i will find this

can u help me to know

It seems that the Close button cannot be find. That is the content of the error :slight_smile:

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what it is doing that, it’s opening the application after some sometime throws error and application has to import files, so its doing in background.