Open Application opens a blank Excel, not the file it's meant to

Hi all,

My process has been running fine (relatively) for a while now, but the end user reported to me that it kept failing, so I looked into the logs and saw it couldn’t find an element, and the end user also sent a screenshot of an error message. After a lot of troubleshooting I have realised this was all a symptom, not the cause, and that the cause was - when I use the following:

Every now and then, rather than opening the Excel properly, it will just open a blank Excel (grey screen, no blank Sheet 1 etc, just a completely empty Excel “shell”). Has anyone seen this? Is this an excel issue, or UiPath? It comes up against this error on various workbooks, we have around 10, so it’s not that one book in particular causes this, and some test runs it has done 1-6 before failing, other times it will fail at 3, so I don’t think it’s the workbooks themselves as sometimes they are fine, other times they fail…?


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I have been rerunning this today and seeing a new issue occurring in the final step of the above screenshot:

Open Queue Item: An error occurred in sending the command to the application

Has anyone seen this one before? To my knowledge, since previous runs, Orchestrator, Studio, Excel etc have not changed/been upgraded, so I’m unsure what this disconnect is?

Any help would be appreciated - this is needed tomorrow, hence my weekend work, so I’d really love it if someone had a simple solution :stuck_out_tongue: