Blank Excel Sheets opening in between


Am executing a process where in an excel file is to be opened and closed (to copy data) and then open another excel file and paste it.(This process is repeated for a number of times)

Now the problem is sometimes a blank excel file opens up, inspite of me mentioning the exact file name.

Any idea why this happens…It is very random… Usually at the end of execution the file opens up… Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @hss,

If the validation is done with excel ,close the excel with “Close Workbook” activity.
Initialize the variable with Data Type "Uipath.Excel.WorkBookApplication"CloseExcel.xaml (4.3 KB)

@RajeshT I put the close workbook activity, after that the excel doesn’t open blank files in between… but at the end once the bot’s execution is finished, one blank excel file opens

Hi @hss ,

Can you share your xaml file?,so that i can check from where the blank excel file opened.

@RajeshT Unfortunately I cannot share the xaml file :slight_smile:

What is the name of the excel file that opens up at the end?

@Dave It says Book1.xlsx

That is the default name when initializing excel. I’m guessing there is a bug somewhere in the code, but since we can’t see the .xaml it will be nearly impossible to help debug.

The lazy way out would be to use a kill process activity after you are completely finished with excel, so it will kill any open instances

Unrelated, but I have a feeling you are keeping excel visible in your workflow. That will significantly slow down your robot - unless it is an attended robot and you need a human user to work in excel concurrently with the robot, you should always leave the ‘Visible’ property unchecked for your excel application scope


yes Bug in my is possible… will try to reproduce the file…
But the lazy way is a good idea… will try that.

Yes very true am keeping the excel visible,… and yes it does take a lot of time. Thank u for the suggestion. It will help me a lott. Thanks a ton @Dave

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