UiPath Unreliable when working with Excel

I’ve been working with UiPath CE for about a month, to automate some processes for the accounting department and to see if UiPath is something we can use.

I’ve noticed that UiPath is very inconsistent and unreliable when working with Excel.
When trying to open an Excel file, often times it fails causing the whole process to fall apart.
And then I run the process again and there are no issues, leaving me befuddled.
Without changing anything, I can run a process 10 times and have it fail 5 times.

Are other people having issues with Excel?
Am I getting these issues with Excel because I am using the community edition?
Any insight would be helpful.


Which activity have you used to open Excel File?
What type of error you get, when the process fails?

I’ve used Excel Application Scope and the error tells me to make sure excel is installed. I would close UiPath Stuido and repopen it, and sometimes this fixes the problem temporarily.
I’ve also used Open Application activity, but sometime it just doesn’t open excel and doesn’t show an error. The process will continue without opening excel.

I think part of the problem is Excel not closing correctly, which causes problems when I try to open it the next time.