Open Application (Application Paths/FileName on Different Machines)

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I was trying to run a process on two different machines from Orchestrator. in this simple example, am trying to open a notepad and type something. It works on the first machine where I developed the process but doesn’t work on the second one. looks like the path to Notepad App is different on the second machine …

how do you overcome such issues, when you run the same process on different machines where the applications may reside under different paths …

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Pass that notepad folder path in Orchestrator Assets and pass two different values to different robots. So that if you want ti change it then just go to Assets page and change it whenever you need. For this change in Assets, no need to publish project again and again.

Adding to @lakshman 's point, though we have created the asset with the file path we need to make sure that the machine B also has the same folder path structure
only then the folder path can be accessed and the file can be used

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We can mention two different paths for same asset by using Per Robot option. Its not like both should have same path.

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Yah that’s correct
But we need to have that folder structure in either of the machines
Else when the process uses asset value the exception arises like folder doesn’t exists
That’s what I was trying to explain
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agree with all the answers, but i assume there must be a better way of getting the path without hard-coding, something like environment variables (not sure yet, still researching …)

Hard coding is fine only when Environment.User is used
else for each time we need to change the filepath in the workflow and for each change we need to publish
so if we have them in asset, only two changes need to be done…if any filepath change one in asset and one in machine with that file path structure

Cheers @Hara_Gopal