Only two mails are retrieves from get exchange mail message

I’m using updated package of mail activities i.e. v1.10.4. I had use filter-expression options to retrieve subject specific mails. OrderByDate options value is NewestFirst and Top options in empty.

There are total 10 mails with required subject i want to retrieve only 05 mails out of 10. however i’m getting only 02 mail records from get exchange mail message.

Do anyone know this can be resolved.


Can you check if you have checked the “Only Unread Messages” in the property ?


it was unchecked.

Is it timing out? Try increasing the timeout and see if you get more.

I had this issue when trying to retrieve a large number of emails, had to set the timeout to like 10 minutes. Having it time out didn’t throw an error, it just stopped getting more emails.

Thanks for your answer but i had kept only 10 mails into inbox folder for testing however it is returning only 02 mails either i had selected newestfirst or oldestfirst.

email.xaml (6.0 KB)
You can try attached xaml for your reference and suggest.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t timing out. It could be that for some reason it’s taking it longer than the default timeout to retrieve 2 emails. Try increasing the timeout. At the very least, it’ll eliminate this as the culprit.