Only main file seen in program file

I just gave my final exam.And i accidently clicked a button which caused this to happen.

I am unable to see any other file.And the link is broken.
Despite those files being present in my folder.They are not seen in studio.
I have submitted it that way despite code working.

Any pointers which might help in second attempt.

I have lost hope for this attempt.Results are not yet out.
I think i clicked on this :

But after that even though i ran normally,things never went back to normal.


Hi @Vidya_Srinivasan

Just import the workflows again if you see it on your folder to return it in your studio!

cheers :smiley:

Happy learning :smiley:


with this point
kindly click on show all files in the project panel here (next to refresh button)

once after clicking we will be able to see all kind of files in our folder

Cheers @Vidya_Srinivasan

Any hopes of me passing ?

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no worries buddy
have you submitted it
Cheers @Vidya_Srinivasan

i was opening the zipped files main.xaml and hence saw tat way.
I hope they will unzip and test it.

Yes i submitted

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yes ofcourse
they asked for a zip file for two reason,
–one is to get all the files in your project under a single roof
–second is in a compressed way

no worres you will clear
Cheers @Vidya_Srinivasan

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thank u :slight_smile:

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Cheers @Vidya_Srinivasan

i cleared :slight_smile: thank u so much for the all the guidance throughout.

Congratulations @Vidya_Srinivasan

Welcome to the club :slight_smile:

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This forum has been the prime reason for me to learn and clear the exam.
Thank you to each one of u :slight_smile: