Worksflow files are not open


Yesterday i was working on the same project at that time all files were opening and working properly,
but today I’m facing this kind of issue:

Could you help me out of this problem?

Thank you,

Hi @Anonymouss

For now, Can you try to delete that Invoke Workflow activity and Add new activity


Need Urgent help:

@Anil_G , @ashokkarale , @Yoichi, @vrdabberu

bro, I have work on 3 to 4 days in the workflow :smiling_face_with_tear:
if I delete it then my work burden become higher


I am not saying to delete that workflow… delete that activity and re add it

can you open directly from folder?
or try to close UiPath and start again and open that workflow

Hi @Anonymouss

is that workflow is available in your project?

i have done this solution still it was not opening

i had try both solution while i’m trying to open directly from folder at that time it shows error like I have mention in post and opening Main.xaml file :smiling_face_with_tear:

Yes bro, it’s avialable

have you tried to open it from windows explorer if its working or not and try to restart UiPath studio

ok do one thing duplicate the file and try to open the new file

This solution was also not working.

try to duplicate the file and open the duplicate one

Hi, Try update UiPath.system.activities package

Not working this solution :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hi @Anonymouss

It seems you have all your workflows in your Tests Folder. Try this path in the Invoke Workflow File Test\NSE_Calculations.xaml and check once.


can you share you xaml file here?


as per screenshot we can see the filemame is having _ but in the invoke workflow file it shows -

try correcting it


@Anil_G still facing this error after changing name: