Hi all.

I’m currently working on a case for my company. I’ve been developing robots for a while now. But i can’t seem to find a “work around” for this isseu.

For this case i need to create in two diffrend application a document structure from terms provided in excel. For the first application everything worked fine with a verry high accuratie rating. But for the part in OneNote… If i wanted to create folders or subfolders … even group folders it would never work. It seems it can not find the element or even pictures in OneNote.

Any ideas are welcome, i thank you in advance!

Kind Regards,
Joeri Rethy

Hi @Joeri_Rethy

Could you give some screenshot examples? It looks to be finding selectors for me on OneNote 2016 and Studio 2019.3:

For the content of the notes themselves, I used the AA framework: