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I am not new to RPA ( Previous AA and Kofax Kapow experience) but I am new to UiPath. I am working on a quick test automation of where a bot would create a new Notebook in OneNote, and several sections with various pages in there.
I can create the notebook with no problems but then when I try to rename or name a section, it just doesn’t do it. I tried TypeInto, Click Image OCR, Double Click , nothing works. Let me know what additional information that I need to provide.

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Alex Mansur

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like are we trying to rename the file name or how we mean like a section
kindly elaborate that pls
Cheers @BotAM97

Hi - thank you for the quick reply. When you create a notebook. There are sections in there (please see screenshot that is uploadedimage ). I am having issues renaming the sections.

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ANy solutions received?