One click analytics - Python, R, SQL

Hi, I’m new here and would love to get your opinion on something we have created.
Lots of people told me that UiPath users would love to have the possibility to have “one click” analytical environment for their UiPath data.

We have created such a sandbox using our platform Keboola.
I would love to get your opinion on if it is what you want, what would you change on that to make it easier to use. We are thinking to provide a similar “community edition” for this use case as UiPath is doing.

Thanks for comments, Appreciate them!

Pavel Dolezal


I think this is a great integration idea. You should extend this demo to build a classification or prediction model which can called by a UiPath Activity in a workflow to perform a judgement type of capability in an automation scenario. Having the data collection already created as UiPath workflow, show how this can be turned into an activity itself and then build another UiPath Activity that captures data used in the workflow for the judgement function so that it will be collected whenever the data collection UIPath Activity is initiated again. The next time the prediction or classification UiPath Activity is called the new data has been included. With this we would have an unsupervised machine learning solution.

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.