On uipath i can't find data Data scraping

As the title says,on UiPath i can’t find data Data scraping,The version I am using is 2022.12.0,what is wrong with this quention? please help,thanks.

Can you try to turn off ModernDesignExperience in ProjectSettings as the following image?



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In the modern design or the latest design data scrapping and table extraction are merged into table extraction itself…you can use the table extraction option for data scrapping as well

If you still want to see data scrapping only then as stated above you can change the experience from modern to classic which will show you the old options

If needed to change on of the current process then change from project settings which is under peoject tab

If you want for all then you can Go to home page on studio…navigate to settingbs and change to modern there so that any project opens in classic only


Thanks a lot! It works, i can find data Data scraping and use it :smiley: :smiley:

It is a good solution help me a lot,thanks!!! Very detailed explanation :grin:

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