On-premise Orchstrator API

I am using UiPath Orchestrator 21.4.0 Enterprise Edition(Modern folder architecture).
I want to allocate machine into the shared folder using API.
I have done the same using Orchestrator UI.
i. What is API to allocate machine into the shared folder.
ii. What is the API for Online license activation on UiPath Orchestrator
Kindly support.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @sudheer.sharma,

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  1. I am not certain if there is an API to allocate machine into the shared folder, but you can check here: UiPath Connector Guide

    Also another way to see all available API routes is to go to your on-premises orchestrator and in the end /swagger
    Example : https://YOURORCHESTRATOR.com/swagger

  2. To connect license to robot an alternative can be found in this thread: Cannot sign when install UiPath Studio by service URL or Machine Key - Help - UiPath Community Forum

I suggest you wait for other replies as there may be APIs to achieve both of these tasks. The above I mentioned are bare suggestions.

Also remember to mark a solution in this thread. Please only mark the solutions which helped you solve your case or gave you the best alternative. There is an ongoing feedback round and this is the most requested feature: UiPath Forum feedback round! 💬

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I am activating trial license online using UiPath Orchstrator API as below:

license_url = orchestrator_public_url + “/odata/HostLicenses/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.ActivateLicenseOnline”

license_payload = json.dumps({
“licenseKey”: “1922-7368-6162-xxxx”,
“environment”: “Production”,
“email”: “sudheer.maurya@india.nec.com

license_headers = {
‘Content-Type’: ‘application/json’,
“Authorization”: auth

r = requests.request(“POST”, license_url, headers=license_headers, data=license_payload, verify=False)

After executing the above code, I am getting response 403.
Kindly help.
Thanks in advance