'On element Appear' not working on Oracle Application Production Instance

Hi All,

I am developing a process to automate a set of actions on Oracle Application. The application is Oracle 11i application. I am using ‘On element Appear’ activity and it works perfectly fine on Stage Instance. Whenever I execute the program on Production Instance, the ‘On Element Appear’ does not work and throws an error saying ‘Activity timeout exceeded’. I also tried using ‘Element Exists’ activity but I get the same error.

Not sure what should be done for this. Can anyone please help?

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Could you please give it a try with Computer Vision activities.

@poojajoshi1 check the selector differences between Stage and Production instance

I cannot do that as We do not have Studio on Production server. And I cannot connect to production instance from Development server.

@poojajoshi1 seems that stage and production environment not in sync.
Please check for the stable element in the screen