On element appear error. assignment 2

Hi everyone,
I have a error with the activity “On element appear” in the assignment 2. the activity starts running well, but when it try to close the “Do” inside it, appear this error.

If anyone can help me i will thank you for ever. :smiley:

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Hi @julian,
Its stating that timeout had exceeded .so change the value of target.timeout property of on element appears.
Note : it has to be in ms.the default is 30000 ms(30s)
Hope this helps


I put the timeout property value in 100000, but the error still there, the stranger thing is that the error appear when the “Do” inside the activity is trying to closing.
Help me :sob:

Hi @Julian,
the element is on visible on the screen.thats y it is throwing an error(you have to scroll down for the span element to get visible).
If you are trying extraxt data from all the pages use Data scrapping or screen scrapping activity .
Hope this help!


Hi Julian,

Change the property “RepeatForever” to False in “On element appear” activity.



@SudhaRajesh Thank you so much, it’s works!!

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