Omnipage engine,the result is messy code

I used omnipage engine on some computers,but on few computers,not all ,it will get the messy code, the target ocr language is chinese.
and if there were some number’s,It can be get the right result,only the chinese characters was messy code,like the ‘Language’ attribute was set up ‘eng’.
I was installed uipath.omnipage.activities and uipath.ominipage.bundle.extend,
and filled the right attribute.
Anybody know the reasons?

Hey @donghai

I haven’t really used ocr for other languages except english. But once I remember I came across a post that said you have to install that required language pack for the ocr to recognize the characters. I’m not 100% sure about this. But you might just need to take a look on that area as well since you are not recognizing the characters but recognizing the numbers…

Hi @Lahiru.Fernando
thanks for your reply.
if used the google ocr or microsoft ocr, it must be installed the language package.
but omini ocr, as the offical document, can just install uipath.omnipage.bundle.extend.
I remmber it’s work some days before,but today,it’s not work.
so…It’s puzzled.