Is OCR supposed to be terrible?

I’m working on Level 3 assignment 1, and chose OCR to scrape several pieces of information because the video instruction didn’t match up with the UI, and the emphasis on OCR in the course material led me to believe this was what I was supposed to do.

I’ve submitted and tuned things, but I’m not achieving good results. First attempt was ~7/12 (58/100) correct items, and the 2nd was ~8/12 (67/100). From what I can tell, the errors come down to OCR elements not being brought in correctly.

I noticed that the OCR was not pulling in the Client ID properly, so I tweaked that, eventually turning the scale up to 10. I caught it scanning a “D” as an O or 0, but tried again anyways.

Tessaract (Google) does better than Microsoft, but this level of performance is not what I would expect in 2019 in a commercial product where this is the backup, and the emphasis of much marketing hype, documentation, and training.

Is that just the way it is?

Try with omnipage OCR, is the latest OCR and the better for all activities (in my opinion)

Is it available by default, or is that a separate install? I don’t see it listed as an option, nor can I search for it in UIPath Studio.

i think in the latest Studio version it is by Default, if you don’t have you can search and install the OCR

after install they will appear in OCR engines

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Thanks for the reccommendation, I’m trying that now.

I expected to be able to drag the activity from the activity pane to the appropriate OCR activity, but was unable to do so, even after removing the previous OCR engine. Eventually, I added it outside of an acticity and copy/pasted into the OCR activity.

Is that the way it’s supposed to work? I thought you could click and drag activities from the activity pane into your code.

See below.

you can delete the tesseract OCR and drag and drop the omnipage in this field.

That’s what I thought, but it didn’t seem to work that way.