OLE DB Excel Filter - Blue Prism

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I want to extract data from Excel but only rows that start with, for ex: “#DET;2021;01;04”. There are a lot of rows with that initial string and I want them into a collection. I’ve tried using Filter Collection but takes to long and sometimes the BP shuts down because the excel has 60.000 rows of data…

OLE DB seems to be the best option and I have the following query: “SELECT * FROM [Folha1$] WHERE [F1] =’#DET;2021;01;04’”

I’ve tried to write a data row in query (“SELECT * FROM [Folha1$] WHERE [F1] =’#DET;2021;01;0498874;OPAO;0000645282,00;000987;0087,09;000000000,00;;’”) to check if the problem was the misplace of syntax, but I get the same error:
Internal : Could not execute code stage because exception thrown by code stage: No value given for one or more required parameters.

I want to ask you if is that possible to wildcard the query and extract only the rows that start with that string… And if you know why this error happens even if the row actually exists in the excel sheet

Thanks in advance!!

In uipath you have a special set of activities for this and if you want to use code-based filters then you can apply wildcards. Check on which programming language BP is working VB.net etc and check for it. You can apply all methods for supported languages I believe.