Filter string in Column row

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Lets say if i get a column like picture below.

How can i filter only a values that is greater than 100Kbps and not others than that. I have tried to only filter a string that starts with “100” only and assign 3 of it which contains a value that is greater than 100. But somehow the output of the filter are just writing the header of the entire table column. And it is not possible to filter a single column with multiple same values as what people told me. And as that being mentioned, what is the best approach for me to overcome this problem? Any help is appreciate as im still new in Uipath.

You need to split the numbers from a text. You cant compare values if the values is not a number in this case. Do a read range and the apply Linq filter, should work.

Be aware that it will throw an error if no rows are found. So handle that as well :slight_smile:

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Thanks man it works! i have been searching for this exact output for awhile now. But need to configure out about what you said first. I have no experiences in this linQ but i could understand some but for this picture below on this specific line. the zero values what it does actually yeah? What is the main function of using zero? can it be 1 or 2?


Great, please mark my answer as the solution. Thats an ordinary SPLIT function.just google ot and you will find a tons of explanation. it can only be 0 or 1 since the split is being done on an space character so its being split to array. Array is accessed by index 0,1 etc. In this case only two items. so 0 and 1

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