Old style anchors

In UiPath 2019 I was using anchors like the one below. Under the new way of selecting the elements, I do not see it possible anymore. Am I missing something? I can’t just let the new system pick the values without tweaking, as it gets the field ID’s that are changed by the website upon new generation of the page…

<webctrl tag='LABEL' aaname='Update:' />
<nav up='2' />
<webctrl tag='DIV' class='textareaView' />

Now, the fuzzy selector is considered and it looks like this

<webctrl id='X132View' tag='DIV' type='' aaname=' ' />

Hi @c.ciprian,
Fuzzy selector option was added as an option in case there is situation where selector is hard to be defined as it offers additional elements and accuracy which can be used. I think you can switch to standard selector option and it should work similar like before.

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