Is it possible to set anchor and pass variable in fuzzy selector using modern click activity?

HI Guys,

I need to set an anchor as well as i need to pass a variable but it is not working.

I have created a three variables called Location, state and country, where as state and country is static and for location i will get the value from the excel.

Here when i type a specific location , i get 3 or 4 values for the same location, So i thought of setting an anchor, so it will take the first one.

Unfortunately i am failing to do this.

Please help me.


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Hey @sharu_priya

Click activity in Anchor should have generic selector something like a button for example.


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Hey @Nithinkrishna thanks for your reply.

Are you referring the mouse button?

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No no, the UiElement button whichever you are trying to click !