Old license questions - named user studio

Hi All,

I have a few questions regarding a client of mine who has an old license structure. He has:

  • UiPath studio - named user license
  • Attended robot - named user license

My questions:

  • How does this studio license exactly work? Is it connect to windows login credentials or…? And is it possible to change the user and if so, where/how? (when there’s no Orchestrator)
  • This robot is deployed on a seperate (virtual) machine than where Studio is located. How does this robot get its license?
  • How (if possible) can I create good seperate environments (development, acceptence, production) with this license structure? I understand the development enviroment (studio + the free robot from studio) and the production environment (licensed robot), but how can I get a robot for acceptance on a seperate environment/machine? Do I need another license for that?


Bumping because I really can’t find answers anywhere