Office365 SharePoint List Get Author Email and name


I need to get the email and the name of a person who created an item on SharePoint list.
I know how to do it using SharePoint activities.
Now I have a job to completely replace SharePoint activities with MicrosoftOffice365 activities.

I use Microsoft Office 365 Scope and inside first I use action “Get List Info” then I loop through each item using “For Each List Item” activity.

This I what I get from Author column:
Office365ListItemField { DisplayName=“Author”, Name=“AuthorLookupId”, ReadOnly=true, Value=“80” },

I have also try the following:
I created another column in SharePoint list “Author_Email” and make it show the email of author

This is what I see on SharePoint

This is what I get in UiPath:
Office365ListItemField { DisplayName=“Author_Email”, Name=“Author_Email”, ReadOnly=true, Value=“45 001,4529282407” },

Do you know how to Get the Author’s Email and Name using only MicrosoftOffice365 activities?

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Hey @mateusz.wojcik

You need to check in which field the Author’s Email and Name is present that no you can give I had used like this in my previous process hope it will help you.


To add



the point is that email and name are not presented in any field.

That is not possible it is present in share point then you should be able to fetch it.

@Chirag_Shetty_Divakar may you please check it by yourself ?

I have set up this post because this information is not available. I seen other post like this.

In SharePoint Activity this information is also not available directly. We have to dig into properties to fetch this information.


Yes what you are saying is right me need to explore by ourself in the immediate pannel we can check what headder is present in which field if you get the field then you can fetch that header.

In the documentation of UiPath also it is not available.


I see the field type is a look up field…and it is possible only to get the lookup id …you cannot get the value that it is looking up using office 365 …it is a limitation… so getting email id using the lookup field is not possible


MsGraphSharePointGetListItemAuthorDetails.7z (37.6 KB)
I have found the solution on stackoverflow:

I have prepare UiPath workflow to get Author Name and Email. I attach it to this post.

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Good job… Many people would reuse this