SharePoint - Get File Author Email Address

Hello everyone,

I am trying to retrieve the address of the author of a SharePoint file. From my knowledge, there is no specific way of retrieving it using the SharePoint activities package.

I tried doing an http request, yet it seems I cannot get access and authenticate to the SharePoint using this method. It seems as if the credentials I am using are not even being used when connecting. I used the simple authentication method and received a 403 status. I received the same status even when I was not using any credentials at all.

Is there any other way I can access this email address without using the browser interface?

Thank you.

Hi @Nestor_Gabriel_Lucian1

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Check on this thread

I hope it helps!!

I have tried this method also. Unfortunately I cannot register the app due to the fact that my company restricted the access to the Azure Active Directory.

…this is why I cant use the Microsoft Office 365 activities. But the SharePoint Activities seem to work. I can upload, download and use all other activites.