Office 365 scope - Method not Found : "Void Microsoft.Graph.GraphServiceClient..ctor"

I am facing the problem with Office 365 Scope activity v1.9. It is not connecting to my API registered in Azure Active Directory. Any ideas to fix this error.
I had already delegated permission for Automation of Outlook.
UIPATH 2021.4.4, Office365 v1.9

Microsoft Office 365 Scope: Method not Found: 
"Void Microsoft.Graph.GraphServiceClient..ctor

Here, i selected InteractiveToken which requires AppId, tenantId and credentials are not necessary. But still, i also entered my credentials and still the same error.

When selecting the option UsernameAndPassword, i am getting the same error.

Thank you in advance.

You need to download this graph dependencies. have you downloaded that?


For now, can you try to update to the latest preview version 1.11.0-preview?


Hello @Yoichi ,

I have installed the version 1.6 and it has connected sucessfully to Outlook via API with InteractiveToken as authentication.

And also the preview version is not available yet and is not good for production. Thank you very much.

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