Office 365 scope - Application ID and Secret

I am looking to integrate Office 365 with Uipath and setup is all done. I am curious how authentication can be done without using username and password.
Steps I did:

  1. Changed the authentication type to ApplicationIDAndSecret from the properties panel of the activity
  2. Created a secret key in under certificates and secrets field.

Now I have two values in the portal when secret is created: VALUE and SECRET ID.

I would like to know which values should be provided in the properties panel to integrate using these values.

Properites panel Params:
Application secret: From where can I get this??
Secure Application secret: Is it the VALUE or SECRET ID from the azure portal?


It’s ok we set value at either one of them. (One is for String type, other is for SecureString. See the following in details)

For now, can you try to set candidate values at ApplicationSecret property, then connect?


Hey, thanks for the quick response. I tried as you said.
I gave the masked values in the Page not found to the SecureApplicationSecret property of the activity. Getting error as below

the secretID variable holds the secure string data from the ( one in the value column in azure portal)

@Yoichi Hi, any update on this? getting the same error when secret key is used. Otherwise using interactive token will remove the username, password and Tenant as dependency. But we will get a window to login to Microsoft account once executed.


Unfortunately, i don’t have updates except review azure permission settings…

Thanks @Yoichi . Will keep you posted.

@Yoichi Hey, I was able to fetch the file by using secret key and appID only from sharepoint by providing drive name and site url. The same will not work if the file is hosted in Onedrive (as not sure about the values to be provided for drive name and site url)…
Seems like a bug to me when the file is in onedrive with the same auth method it fails but the same works when the file is in sharepoint…


Any updates about the get mail part ? I’m having the same issue with configuration.

What issue are you facing?
For me it’s working fine with the above configuration. Just make sure you change the option to “MAIL” in the O365 scope and also if there is an option to pass email ID account in the send/get email activity, please do pass the o365 account from which configuration is done.