Microsoft 365 Scope - Can we use Application Id and Secret with Delegated permission

i have all this permision for mail

but im confused if the verification process comes only for Interactive Token or does it also apply to delegated permission ?, i don’t think so that’s the case

currently I’m facing this error

Send Mail: Code: ErrorAccessDenied
Message: Access is denied. Check credentials and try again.

and im using Application Id and Secret


Have you set up the Microsoft 365 Azure app?
Activities - Set up your Microsoft 365 Azure app (

Why is this needed ?

Edit :- you mean app registration, on azure?

yes i did that registration, and in the url section i have used this “urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob” as according to this video


Could you show us the properties panel of the Microsoft 365 Scope activity?
Remember to remove/block your Application Secret so you don’t leak it :slight_smile:

here you go


And the appId and secretId are set at run-time or in the Default Value section of your variable section?
(Just checking)

default value for now , is that the point for that error currently shown in the image?

That’s why you get the warning in your screenshot yes, but it should work on run-time when the variables get populated.

but its not working on runtime too and giving me the error shown above