Office 365 scope activites issue

Thanks for the reply @amithvs - I am using Application ID and secret Auth in O365 scope, so i enabled the Delegated type permissions based on this documentation - Upload small files - Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Docs
These are the current API permissions in AD

Do you know if delegated permissions will also work? or does this need to be setup with Application level permissions in order to upload files or create folders in a SharePoint site?

For me it worked when both Application and Delegated permissions were enabled. I have also used the AppID, tenantID and Secret as the authentication mode.Under services it was selected only FIles, as my process was just to upload files to Sharepoint.

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your API permissions? i would like to compare and test as well.
also, did you add a Redirect URI when you first registered your application in AAD?

If I remember properly I left redirect URl as empty while registration.

Hi Guys,

This is a real nightmare todo and use. I’m very surprised UiPath Team don’t have any good examples or tutorials todo. Its so important.

Here is our savouir. I watched this video and manage to setup. For secret code its not the ID but the value you require.

Hope this helps.