OCR for Bank Cheque number extraction

Hello all,

I am again with same question… i.e, extracting cheque no. from bank cheque.

I have scanned cheque from different banks and need to extract Cheque no. from the same and i don’t see any solution of that not even any OCR works for me.

Looking for suggestion based on you experience.
I am attaching some sample cheque image.

Andra-Bank-1 bankofindia-1 bank-of-india-1 Dubai-Islamic-Bank IDBI (1) kapol oriental-bank

Hey @indrajit.shah

When you use the existing OCR techniques including Screen OCR, doesn’t it provide a accurate reading of the cheque numbers?

@Lahiru.Fernando, I tried and i failed but still looking for the solution.
My bad its not working fr me.
btw what is ScreenOCR?? do you mean GetOCR?

did you try using Abbyy Ocr??


If you can, can you give it a try from you end??
I tried
OmniPage(with this, result is much better than rest of OCR engine but not satisfactory)