Extracting MICR code from a scanned Cheque

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I need to get the MICR code from the scanned cheque. I tried with Get text and screen scrapping with ocr activities. But i am not getting the exact text. Kindly help me out, PFA for the cheque. (i need to extract the number ‘001234567’ which is in the bottom line)

Any suggestions guys !?
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Hi @Liveasurheartsay

Below is the workflow for the same :-
Practise Solutions for Forum.zip (128.3 KB)

Replace Used for below Random Characters :-

O or C = 0
I or / or L or IL = 1
I, or 1, = 4
? = 7

Screen Recording for the same :-

Note :- Also have a look on application i used to open the image

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Hi @Liveasurheartsay,

This is complicated text so this will not work in the free version of OCR engine. So try with any licensed OCR tool like Abbyy, GCP Vision AI and Azure Computer vision etc…

You can try yourself in the following link

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Sorry for late reply, Check as below


As @aanandsanraj said, you can use the API’s and also you can take a look at Abbyy Flexicapture too, for Intelligent OCR

Hope this may helps you


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Thanks for ur time guys @Srini84 @Pratik_Wavhal @aanandsanraj .

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