OCR ERROR (Dose not detect text on photo)

I dont know how to explain so i took some photos


what are you trying to extract?

the numbers on the photo

is this image or pdf or from web?

This is a img that is on my PC

  • use load Image activity and use and OCR engine from activity window
    then you will get the desired result

Cheers @swagyxxth

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I dont understand can you send a img of what you mean?

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give me a minute

LoadImage.xaml (4.8 KB)
check this workflow!
can you give me a sample image?


you can use this method to extract data from image!

Am i doing some thing wrong?

It works a bit when i run the app in admin mode

try with other Ocr Engine

try with uipath screen ocr

It is working now the problem was folder access block
thank you for your help

it works now :slight_smile:

make sure to do all of them