OCR Engine for Images/Hand written forms



Hello All,

I have a case, where a pre-typed letter is manually filled in Spanish, So could anyone explain me the below points -

  1. Which is the best OCR engine third party compatible with UiPath, to read manual written form?
  2. Can support languages, like Spanish?
  3. Do we get its free trial version licence for PoC?

It would be really helpful and appreciable.

Thanking in advance!



Try with ABBYY 3rd party tool, there is 30% chance to get appropriate result.

To download trial version of ABBYY tool use this link : https://finereaderonline.com/en-us


Hey @ashusinha

  1. Abby ( No doubt)
  2. Yes it do support for english language.ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 recognizes 202 OCR languages.
  3. Yeah there is trial version but i m not sure about licensing terms so first verify that that use it for POC.