Ocr didin't work correctly

I’ve create a robot who will execute an OCR text exist in a browser. the problem is that there is two issues:
1st : before the ocr execute the browser become inactive then the target will not be detected.and it show an error uielement doesn’t exist.
2nd : sometimes he retrun a false output although the element exist.

I use a UiPath screen OCR
Any Help please


  1. For the first point you need to identify why it is getting in active…as a workaround first check if active or not and then reload and then use
  2. This depends on if the element color is different or if it is fully visible or not


Why are you using OCR for a browser? You can just use Get Text and then use an If yourString.Contains(“sometext”) to do this.

Hello , because the robot before the ocr, to input a client code and a date.then I need to verify if the client exist or not.So I need to verify if the client exist or not

But you don’t need OCR for that. It’s a web page. You can use regular activities.

When you say verify the client exists, what do you mean? Post screenshots of what you’re using.

You could use Text Exists activity if you are looking for a particular text on the screen/element.



If the client profile exist it will show a button that i need to clic then save
Else if the client profile doesn’t exist it will also do some clicks …

I didn’t find it in the modern.must I turn it to classic mode ?

Then you should use Check App State (modern) to see if the button appears. It waits a specified time (the timeout) and gives you two branches - one to execute if the object appears, one if it doesn’t.

Have you done the free training on the UiPath Academy web page? You should, it covers these kind of basic things.

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Yes, it belongs to classic set.


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