Ochestrator - Prerequisites for Installation - Kibana Service paused


Maybe someone can help me.

Currently I am trying to install the Prerequisites for Installation of the Orchestrator and ran into a problem.
The elasticsearch is installed.
In the last step of Kibana I run into a problem. The Kibana Service just pauses.

Information from running the BAT-File.
Service “Elasticsearch Kibana 6.4.2” installed successfully!
Set parameter “DependOnService” for service “Elasticsearch Kibana 6.4.2”.
Set parameter “Description” for service “Elasticsearch Kibana 6.4.2”.
Set parameter “AppNoConsole” for service “Elasticsearch Kibana 6.4.2”.
Set parameter “AppStopMethodSkip” for service “Elasticsearch Kibana 6.4.2”.
Elasticsearch Kibana 6.4.2: Unexpected status SERVICE_PAUSED in response to START control.


  • Windows Server 2016
  • Java 1.8.191
  • Powershell 5.0
  • .NET 4.6
  • NSSM – 2.24-101-g897c7ad
  • Kibana 6.4.2
  • Elasticsearch 6.4.2

Information from the EventLog

  • Service Elasticsearch Kibana 6.4.2 ran for less than 1599 milliseconds. Restart will be delayed by 128000 milliseconds.


  • Started C:\Program Files\kibana-6.4.2-windows-x86\node\node.exe C:\Program Files\kibana-6.4.2-windows-x86\src\cli for service Elasticsearch Kibana 6.4.2 in C:\Program Files\kibana-6.4.2-windows-x86\node.
  • Program C:\Program Files\kibana-6.4.2-windows-x86\node\node.exe for service Elasticsearch Kibana 6.4.2 exited with return code 1.
  • Killing process tree of process 3828 for service Elasticsearch Kibana 6.4.2 with exit code 1
  • Killing PID 3828 in process tree of PID 3828 because service Elasticsearch Kibana 6.4.2 is stopping.
  • Service Elasticsearch Kibana 6.4.2 action for exit code 1 is Restart. Attempting to restart C:\Program Files\kibana-6.4.2-windows-x86\node\node.exe.

What can I do?
What have I overlooked something?


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I have the same problem just right now. :frowning: somebody has an answer?

Hi @Kirk I found this in youtube about starting service directly from nssm executable. I hope this can help